What’s StrawpEX?

…the desktop note taker that claims to be better than sex

StrawpEX is a modification of Nullsoft
, the handy rich text jotter thingy.
It sits in your system tray out of the way until you want to jot something down, at which point you
simply click on the icon (or use a keyboard shortcut) and it pops up again.

In this version, I have added the following features to the original Sex:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for formatting: strikeout, underline, bold, italic, increase/decrease font size and printing
  • Limits one version of StrawpEX to run at one time, and brings the exisiting version to the front, sending keyboard focus
    to the text area if another version tries to start up.
    (This way you can create a shortcut to bring StrawpEX to the front of a group of windows – see the readme.txt)
  • Close now minimises the window to the system tray

StrawpEX is written Visual C using standard MFC Rich Text control libraries.

New in version 0.3: Context menu cut/copy/paste. Option to paste as flat text.

Download it (34 KB)

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StrawpEX screenshot

21/06/2004: I get sufficient interest in this from other geeks, so I’ve stuck the VC source online as well.
If you make some additions, mail me back so I can check them out!

Download the source for version 0.3 (33 KB)

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