Wii iPlayer, User Agents

April 9th, 2008 by Strawp

The beeb added a little update to the iPlayer again today, clearly as part of their (admirable) attempts at getting iPlayer working on exotic devices iPlayer is now Wii optimised! How cool! I’ve not tested it out, but this is the first “official” iPlayer version which is actually designed to display TV shows on a TV. We are living in the future!

I’ve written a few technical notes over on the Wiki, but basically they’re using the User-Agent string to serve a Flash 7 compatible stream.

Speaking of User-Agents, I’m hearing that the iPhone version of iPlayer has been tightening down on what User-Agent string you can get away with when you pretend to be an iPhone. No more “iPhone, LOL” strings I’m afraid 😉

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