Warwick Arts Centre Atom Feed, Bus Times Offline

September 20th, 2006 by Strawp

My local arts centre is Warwick. They have loads of great events and shows, however even though I get a “What’s On?” style pamphlet every quarter I always manage to miss great things because I don’t discover they’re on until it’s too late. Probably because it’s made of paper.

So I’ve just thrown together an Atom Feed for monitoring new events, so I can just be notified of them as soon as they’re on the site.

Subscribe to the feed.

On the subject of stealing other sites’ data for my own purposes, the Travel West Midlands site has just in the last week or so updated its online timetables, so my rip-off, mobile-friendly version doesn’t work anymore. The new timetables are an improvement, but it’s still all done with HTTP POSTs, so you still can’t bookmark a timetable. I’ve got a car now anyway, so what the fuck do I care? 😀

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