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December 7th, 2003 by Strawp

Quite frankly I’m suprised I’ve not seen anyone else make posters like these. Or perhaps the N-Gage is too much of an easy target. I did actually have the opportunity to play on one recently, and they’re really not that bad. Once you’ve gone through the hastle of loading a game into it and you’ve worked out how to start the thing, it’s just like playing a pocket sized Playstation One.

Unfortunately for Nokia, they apparently invested all their time in avoiding what Sega (and to a certain extent, Nintendo) did on their last hardware releases – getting some decent games for the line up, and overlooked the basic need of gamers – something you can pick up and play games on. Aside from the obvious embarassing hardware oversights, like the inability to change the game without taking it apart and the inability to take a call without looking like a knob, there’s really not much in the operating system for the phone that facilitates or even encourages game play. I consider myself /fairly/ technically minded, but I’m used to my Game Boy Advance. Once I’d gotten a game in it I was expecting it to either load up straight away or /at the most/ prompt it into starting by pressing a button. The MP3 playing functionality gets it’s own button, but playing MP3s isn’t the N-Gage’s primary or even secondary function, so why isn’t there a “launch game” button if this is primarily a games console and secondarily a phone? Confusing.

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