New SVN repo: PHP Libraries

September 10th, 2008 by Strawp

Just added a new repository to the site: PHP Libraries. Currently in there are working classes or functions for:

  • Firefly Media Server – a class for direct access to the songs database
  • Roku Client – a client for Roku music players like the Soundbridge. Allows remote scripting etc
  • twitter – a bunch of functions for posting to, or getting info from a twitter account
  • Delicious – a class for (currently only) getting delicious bookmarks. Will add other methods if/when they’re needed for other scripts.

And there’s a class in there that I might work on if I can be bothered to get an App key for it.

Head to to browse them, svn co to check the lot out.

Update: Just added which currently just has my twitter command line client in it.

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