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July 21st, 2006 by Strawp

Just over a year ago I started listening to Podcasts in a big way and wrote Automated Serendipity to facilitate my new obsession. Since then the feeds I’ve been subscribed to have changed a lot. I keep the feeds list online so that I’m not replicating a list at work and a list at home.

Here’s what’s in it:

Funky16Corners – Miscellaneous funk
Adam and Joe’s XFM podcast – hilariously immature
John Snow’s snowmail – short takes on current affairs by a media hero
The Sounds In My Head – miscellaneous great music
The Bitterest Pill – Basically winey standup comedy material about being a stay-at-home dad’s 1UP Yours – games discussion
Mark Kermode’s Film Reviews – Reminds me why I used to listen to Radio 1. I guess I should listen to Five Live instead, eh?
Channel 4’s music podcast – various unsigned artists from all genres
Engadget – gadget discussion
Inside The Net – Web and internet discussion with the Godfather of IT broadcasting and a Canadian who looks too fit to be into IT
This Week In Tech – Tech discussion with various people who know what they’re talking about
Coverville – Cover versions
Tracks Up The Tree – Random good tunes
I Motor Away – More random good tunes
The Chaos Report – Again, more random good tunes
BBC Radio Newspod – In case I missed the news from the previous day
The Now Show – Punt and Dennis with Marcus Brigstock. Series has ended now but I expect they’ll be back soon enough
Ebrotunes – Mashups
Infinite Potential’s Oddcast – Awesome mixes of UK hip-hop. Get a real RSS feed, guys!
Rhymes and Beats – Hip hop mixes
Radio Clash – REAL alternative music (and currently the only podcast that gives me a heads up to cool goings on at GYBO)
Make Some Noise – Another GYBO connection, just not updated often enough
50 Pound Note – More real alternative and general quality stuff
FreeMotion Hip-hop – Selected hip-hop tracks
FluxBlog – Vaguelly pop-y, sometimes excellent tunes
Soul Sides – Great soul
Moistworks – Soul and funk mainly
Earfuzz – More soul
Lemon Red – Misc hip-hop. Currently taking a break for the summer.
Certified Bananas – Great mixes on the occasion they’re released
Cocaine Blunts – Hip-hop
Beatlife – More Hip-hop
Moebius Rex – More Hip-hop
CCC Mashups – Fantastic mashup mixes
Sploitcast – security hacking discussion
Security Now – Brilliant network security discussion with that Leo bloke and some kind of /ninja/

Now I just need to work out a way of syncing that lot with my new car 🙂

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