My CLI client gets its own ascii Fail Whale

June 26th, 2008 by Strawp

I’ve been using my own PHP-based CLI Twitter client pretty much since signing up (the Twitter API is so simple). You can view your timeline, tweet, view replies and view and send direct messages all via the command line, and I’ve just added the now-famous Fail Whale image to the error output, see this screenshot for an example.

The source isn’t published at the moment, but if you want it I’ll clean it up (take out my hard-coded username and password) and upload it – just leave a comment.

The whale is based on this one which I turned into my own version reversed with added twitter birdies.

4 Responses to “My CLI client gets its own ascii Fail Whale”

  1. Kayhan Gultekin Says:

    I’d be interested in checking out this command-line twitter interface.

  2. Strawp Says:

    Righto, I’ll upload it later and make a new post.

  3. FailWhale Says:


  4. Strawp Says: