Mr Accessible presents… The West Midlands Bus Timetable

March 24th, 2005 by Strawp

The Odeon Listings page was a good laugh to write (and the attention it got) but above all it meant I could actually browse which films were at my local cinema in my web browser of choice.

In a similar vein I have built’s West Midlands Bus Timetable. I rarely use the bus around here, but when I do I hate having to waste 5 minutes trying to find the exact same timetable so that I know when the next bus is. This is because the Travel Coventry site uses this hideous system of pop-ups, frames and unbookmarkable pages (because they’re being POST’d to).

My solution is to cut out a lot of the extraneous form crap – the buttons you don’t need and the options that nobody cares about – and boiling it down to a series of simple HTML forms, simmering with a hint of cunning CSS. What results is a simple workflow between entering a route number up to either viewing the full timetable or even telling you exactly how long you’ve got to get to a specific stop before the next bus comes along.

Most importantly of all, each step is bookmarkable and features MFUs (Mum-friendly URLs) so that they’re consise enough to email or even read out over the phone.

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