Managing podcasts with, Visiting sites l8ter

October 6th, 2006 by Strawp

I found a neat little site drift past on the popular links feed: It’s a simple idea – you enter your email address and the URL of a site that is currently being DDoS’d by Slashdot or Digg and it emails you back when it’s popped onto the internet again.

I thought this would be really cool if there was a Firefox feed or Javascript bookmarklet for it so you could just hit a button when you see an error 500. A few emails with the creator, John and he’s added a bookmarklet to the confirm page. Kudos!

File this under hacks: As you might guess I use my own PHP script, Automated Serendipity to aggregate all my podcast feeds. This squirts them onto the end of my current Winamp playlist. I’ve been using it this way for a little over a year, but now I’m using to manage all my feeds. My podcast feeds (and MP3 blogs) are all tagged with “podcast feeds” so all that’s required is a quick bit of PHP to drop it down into the flat file format the my script expects et voila, I now manage my podcast subscriptions by adding them to, giving me one centralised base to refer to.

If you want the PHP to drop a page into flat text, you’ll want this zip. It’s got a little hack in there to extend the number of records to 100 as the RSS feed limit is 40 and the page limit default is around 25 (I think).

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