It can’t go on!

March 7th, 2004 by Strawp

Look at the last time I updated: 23rd of December. Why have I neglected my web site in this way? Well, I couldn’t be arsed, for one. I was probably doing something more interesting. Secondly it was all getting a bit bloggy, and blogs are 99.93% of the time random and useless spewings that nobody cares about from an author whose opinion on the specific subject absolutely no one rates. In fact they’re the internet equivalent of Speaker’s Corner. Anyone can do it – the entry barriers are startlingly low, (in this analogy, a simple crate of some kind), and the audience tend to end up there by accident.

Which smoothly brings me onto a short plug: As Alex Cameron’s single life draws to a close next month, it was necessary for those involved to put him through a ritual day-long humiliation, the pictures of which, a continuation of this.

Onto the obligatory geek stuff:
Desert Combat is ace, Joint Operations looks like it’s going to be incredible, Far Cry is very woo, they’re making a film of it which will not be and Painkiller lets you stake zombies to the floor by their arses. [Breath].

I’m currently designing (in my head) a DVR (which is fast becoming a geek cliché), which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages. It will probably end up being more expensive than a TiVo or Sky+, but the features that I have planned for it will be way over the top of what either of those two could offer. I’ll set up a project page for that later…

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