iPlayer download class in Java

January 22nd, 2009 by Strawp

I just got a G1 (A.K.A. The GooglePhone) the other week so I’m trying to pick up Java again so I can write some apps for it. I’m bloody terrible at Java and I’ve had flu for the last week but nevertheless I’ve managed to hack together a class which can download a TV show off iPlayer given the programme ID (PID).

It’s not totally finished yet – I’ve got a warning about not releasing connections there that I need to clear up (answers in the comments please!). You can take a look at the code on my SVN repo: http://svn.strawp.net/java/BeebhackDownloader/

Once this is all stable I’ll be having a go at making a GUI and getting it onto my phone.

Update: All working error-free now! GUI next…

3 Responses to “iPlayer download class in Java”

  1. G1pete Says:

    Great start, look forward to seeing the gui !!

  2. dvno00 Says:

    Out of interest, is this still in development? Also, I’ve downloaded it in its current form but have not the faintest idea how to use it – is it possible to use it through a terminal emulator?

  3. Strawp Says:

    I wrote it with the intention of creating an iPlayer downloader for Android, but the videos it downloads have playback issues (audio not working) under Android still, due to not very good metadata and its fussy video player. Every update I get on my phone I check if it works, but alas no.

    It’s not really a working app at the moment, but a small change to the DownloaderCli would make a command line client out of it (to take a programme URL or PID as an argument).

    You are of course, totally welcome to take the code and run with it if you want.