Greetings from Nerdstock

August 24th, 2003 by Strawp

According to my watch, it’s Sunday, which means I’ve been here at i17 for 3 days straight doing nothing but playing battlefield 1942 and drinking beer. It’s like a cross between the Glastonbury Festival and my house.

I appear to have been substituted into the Battlefield tournament, which went as follows:

  • Kicked arse
  • Won by 1 point
  • Got raped in the arse by clan MPUK
  • Got raped in the arse by clan FVM
  • Got raped in the arse by clan SAS

Which put us in 4th place overall in the tournament. Which isn’t bad since I’ve only had the damned game for a week.

MPUK are apparently the UKs best Battlefield team, which makes the loss somewhat more easy to swallow, and in the final they beat the shit out of 0wned [sorry] FVM for all to see on the big screen in the bar upstairs.

SAS have their own Team T-Shirts. I don’t think I need to go into depth about that. It’s all very Robot wars…

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