Essential TV Viewing

October 27th, 2006 by Strawp

If there’s anything good about Summer ending and Autumn and Winter rolling in it’s a new season of TV the world over. In the UK some shows have already had an entire new series and in the US they’re just warming up.

Here’s what I’ve been watching:

Dexter. A forensics expert who is also a serial killer. Sounds naff, actually really good.
Everybody Hates Chris season 2. Same as the last season, hasn’t lost its charm yet
Family Guy season 6. Unlike the Simpsons, this just gets better and better. Currently on episode 3
Heroes. A new favourite of mine. This series follows the lives of ordinary people as they discover they have super powers. Brilliant characters, compelling plot.
My Name Is Earl series 2. Proper feel-good, laugh-out-loud stuff
Robot Chicken series 2. Pop culture gags animated with action figures with plenty of ultraviolence.
Freak Show A new surrealist cartoon from David Cross about the most ineffective superhero team in the world
The Mitchell and Webb Look Sighs all round as Mitchell and Webb transition their show seamlessly from Radio 4 to TV. Not a bad miss at all.
Extras series 2. Trailed off and got a bit formulaic and then pulled it all back for a brilliant last episode
Lead Balloon. New comedy from Jack Dee who is basically playing himself. Same sort of uncomfortable deadpan humour as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras. Great stuff.

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