September 5th, 2003 by Strawp

After watching Face/Off last night two things suprised me: 1) It’s way better than I remembered and 2) I never realised what a great drinking game it makes.

Allow me to demonstrate:


Spot this… Drink this…
Bullet in slow-motion 1 finger
Slow motion plus sound effects used for things that really don’t need sound effects, like a coat flapping in the wind, or someone blinking 2 fingers
Religious iconography desicrated (keep an eye out for it – it’s there) Finish drink
Presence of doves 2 fingers
Hero and villain stand back-to-back, seperated by a thin partition of some kind 3 fingers
Anyone holds a gun in each hand 3 fingers, plus one for each person he kills whilst holding both guns
Lost innocence, e.g. a child is shot or witnesses a shooting 2 fingers

Face/Off Specific

Shaun Archer (Travolta) strokes someone elses face with his finger tips 2 fingers
You see Nick Cage with no face on 2 fingers
Forget to leave the room 5 minutes before the end and end up watching the crap bit Drink every damned thing you can find

Quotable lines

“I’m going to take his face… off 3 fingers
“I’m Castor Troy… I’m Castor Troy” 2 fingers
“No more drugs, for that man” 1 finger
“If I didn’t love you so much I’d have to kill you” 1 finger
“Peach… I could eat a peach for hours” 2 fingers
“does anybody have a light? DOES ANYBODY HAVE A LIGHT?!” 3 fingers
Quote any other line 10 seconds or more before it’s read 1 finger

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