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Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Had a bit of a play with parsing emails using PEAR’s mime email class last week. What I ended up using this for is taking emails send via a mobile network’s MMS system and creating a moblog which also cross posts to specific threads on Rllmuk Forum.

If you’re already registered on Rllmuk forum, and you want to use this cool feature, read this thread (and in the event that it’s unavailable, just send your forum ID number in an MMS to, then await a PM through the forum). Odeon listings are dead – Long live!

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

I’ve just noticed that my Odeon listings have stopped working. This is because Odeon have finally rebuilt their old horrifically inaccessible and downright annoying site. I’ve gone in and had a quick poke around and at first glance, not only does it seem more usable, aesthetically pleasing and accessible and not only does it finally work in browsers that aren’t Internet Explorer, but it works in Lynx too.

At last!

I will be removing my Odeon listings page now, because not only does it no longer work but it’s been made redundant. Good thing, too!

Azureus PHP – Unstable release featuring “AJAX”

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

I’ve just put my current code base for the Azureus PHP interface online. It’s unstable and it has bugs, but it’s quite a big step up from the last version in terms of features. It’s fairly stable in Firefox.

The last time I went for ages without updating the code base, releasing a half-arsed version actually helped kick me back into action somewhat, so there you go!

March – Too busy for an update, I guess

Friday, April 7th, 2006

I hate to disappoint, but I have done absolutely *no* work on the Azureus PHP UI. As for the reason why, I guess it’s because my time spent on web development at home has moved onto a few of bits of cool freelance work I’m currently doing which I’m quite excited about (I will link them up big time when they’re done), plus I’ve been doing cool things like going to Barcelona.

I think the main problem is that I’ve moved away from getting TV torrents by going off and searching for them, and now all my torrents are via RSS feeds, which means I’ve got a fairly constant stream of great TV to watch such as /My Name is Earl/, /Everybody Hates Chris/ and /Family Guy/. On top of that, just as my will to play video games is entirely subsiding, the entirely unlikely happens and it turns out that the /Driv3r/ sequel: /Driver: Parallel Lines/ is actually really good.

A couple of years ago there was this great web-based TV series (apparently they’re called “vidcasts” now) called “The Broken” which was sort of Waynes World meets Slashdot. There was stuff about hacking and social engineering and general geek stuff and it was good, if for a very short time. I only just discovered where it went. The creator and host, Kevin Rose went and created a small production Company, Revision 3 who publish the video blogs Diggnation (all about top Digg stories) and Systm, which seems to be a more grown up version of The Broken. I’m probably one of the last geeks on the planet to discover those, but if you haven’t seen them, have a look.

Spring is here. Thank fuck for that.

GYBO – the broken links, rant on podcasting

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Since the whole GYBO cease and desist thing, it was kind of inevitable that the number of MP3s linked on the GYBO tracker would only be decreasing. To reduce the frustration of clicking on the link for a track and getting nothing but a 404, I’ve set a script running (as I type this) that is checking all the MP3 URLs to make sure only the ones that are still online are linked to.

What with the GYBO page being a podcast and all, you could argue that the whole thing is simply a tragic example of what is the increasingly common phenomenon of “podfade“. It’s an amazing testament to how up its own arse the current generation of web users are that they could come up with a whole new term for simply “giving up”. Having a long and rich history of giving up on hobbies myself I’ve never felt cause to coin terms such as Guitarfade, Swimdecline or even Unicyle-evanescence. It would be unthinkable for such a forward thinking group of people who could put actual audio files on the internet to come forward and admit that they couldn’t really be arsed after all or that it turns out their kids needed feeding or maybe the job that pays off their mortgage is more important than a half an hour of audio a week. No, they’re the unwitting victims of “podfade”, struck down like innocent victims of a fatal disease.

Then there’s the other direction – podcasts that you have to pay for. Whilst I don’t think anyone could possibly criticise Ricky Gervais and his team for being one of the first podcasts to charge (God knows I didn’t want to hear another Channel 4 ad read by a poor quality impressionist) I’m fully expecting Mr Gervais to discover 2004’s buzzword – Bit Torrent. At $7 for 4 half hour episodes, that’s just a tiny bit too expensive to warrant a purchase and publishing on iTunes is just a tiny bit too much hastle than clicking on the inevitable .torrent link on, especially now that Opera has a bit torrent client built into it.

Bus times now phone-friendly, new RSS feed

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Having recently gotten a quite spangly new phone and £12 free GPRS internet credit from Orange I was keen to test out my site on it. I tried out the bus times section and the quantity of memory required to load a timetable into my tiny phone made it go a bit mental. Also, it cost me about a quid fifty to download the thing over my expensive GPRS connection.

Solution: I’ve added shortcuts to just view arrival times at specific stops to the routes listings page through which you can quickly see when your next bus is at a specific stop. The hidden “skip to content” and “skip to navigation” links weren’t quite visible on phone either, so I’ve fixed them too.

Having now created some software which people actually come back for updates on, I’ve finally gotten around to adding an RSS feed to this page which you can subscribe to using the usual methods, or by copying this URL into your news reader. Should save some legwork for people.


Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Just got back from an awesome week’s snowboarding in La Plagne, French Alps. It is true that wearing a helmet lets you commit to the slope much earlier than you would otherwise 🙂

I’m going to work on my snowpark skills next time…

I’ve just caught up with the fact that the Get Your Bootleg On message board has been sent a cease and desist order and has been forced to re-structure its policies on posting MP3s from the forum. As a result, the bootleg tracker will not be updating until I have gotten the full picture and updated the code. All the MP3s already tracked on there will remain to be linked for the forseeable future.

GYBO: Search tracks, list DJs

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Couple of updates to the GYBO Tracker: you can now search the tracks and list all DJs that have been tracked.

Azureus PHP UI: Fixes, plus multiple server management

Friday, December 9th, 2005

Just made a few fixes to the Azureus PHP User Interface. I’ve fixed the javascript error with getting two events bubble through when you click the label, I’ve put all the settings in settings.php where they should be and I’ve added an experimental feature designed to enable you to manage more than one instance of Azureus. Just open up includes/settings.php and add entries to the array in there. Let me know if that works because I’ve not been able to test it yet!.

I’ve tweaked the GYBO tracker slightly as well. Tracks are now displayed and ordered as their file names (which helps mash albums greatly), the RSS feed is now almost(!) standards compliant. The enclosure attribute is missing (hastle to get this data from remote files) but I now reckon the vast majority of RSS readers and podcast aggregators will now parse it without trouble.

Also on the GYBO tracker, you can click the DJ name and get a listing of all tracks they have created. May I recommend:

dj BC
Alex H
Irn Mnky
DJ Zebra

as starting points!

Speaking of mashes, in protest of the Cease and Desist order given to the DJ collective known as “Dean Gray” over their excellent /Green Day/ mashup, American Edit, countless sites will be participating in a protest this Tuesday, dubbed Gray Tuesday. If you didn’t grab a copy of the mash in the 10 days it was available, Tuesday is the day to get it.

Get Your Podcast On!

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

I love mashups of music tracks (hey, /and/ web services) and just recently I’ve discovered where all the artists who made these works of musical and (more often than not) comedy genius hang out. The forum is called Get Your Bootleg On (GYBO) and has an extremely active folder for posting new mixes.

I thought it would be cool if I made an RSS feed of straight MP3 links ( aka “podcast”) posted there. Twice a day a script of mine peeks at their Boots folder, scans new threads and picks out MP3 links in the first post, the results of which are displayed on my GYBO page, complete with RSS feed.

If nothing else, /I’m/ going to be using it daily!