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New SVN repo: PHP Libraries

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Just added a new repository to the site: PHP Libraries. Currently in there are working classes or functions for:

  • Firefly Media Server – a class for direct access to the songs database
  • Roku Client – a client for Roku music players like the Soundbridge. Allows remote scripting etc
  • twitter – a bunch of functions for posting to, or getting info from a twitter account
  • Delicious – a class for (currently only) getting delicious bookmarks. Will add other methods if/when they’re needed for other scripts.

And there’s a class in there that I might work on if I can be bothered to get an App key for it.

Head to to browse them, svn co to check the lot out.

Update: Just added which currently just has my twitter command line client in it.

My Twitter client available for download

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Somebody out there wants it, so here it is

Update: I’ve moved this to the SVN server. To get them:

  1. svn co
  2. svn co
  3. chmod u+wrx tw
  4. make sure TWITTER_EMAIL and TWITTER_PASSWORD are defined

“tw h” for help text.

My CLI client gets its own ascii Fail Whale

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

I’ve been using my own PHP-based CLI Twitter client pretty much since signing up (the Twitter API is so simple). You can view your timeline, tweet, view replies and view and send direct messages all via the command line, and I’ve just added the now-famous Fail Whale image to the error output, see this screenshot for an example.

The source isn’t published at the moment, but if you want it I’ll clean it up (take out my hard-coded username and password) and upload it – just leave a comment.

The whale is based on this one which I turned into my own version reversed with added twitter birdies.

DRM, shmee-RM

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Looks like I overestimated the file encryption entirely on the last BBC update. Fortunately some people still had their own “clear” versions of some programs which they could compare directly with the newly encrypted downloads, noticing that what some of us thought was a DRM scheme was actually just a simple XOR of the video stream with two repeating bytes. A quick perl script later and P Lewis, posting on Paul’s blog had a working video file just like the old scripts produced.

P Lewis has since incorporated this update into a really nice full featured script for browsing and downloading video from iPlayer.

I really hope this update wasn’t what the iPlayer team were doing for the last couple of months. Bloody waste of license payer’s cash if it was.

iPhone iPlayer hole gets DRM’d (no, properly this time)

Friday, June 6th, 2008

It’s looking like files downloaded from the iPhone iPlayer interface are now unplayable on devices other than the iPhone. Previously this was wide open to allow anyone to download Quicktime (H.264) video over HTTP directly from the site, but it now appears that although the video can still be downloaded it is encrypted (probably with Fairplay DRM).

More technical details on the Wiki as they come in.

(See also Paul Battley’s blog)

While I’m at it: AAC to MP3 conversion script

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Based on Converting FLAC to MP3 in Linux (I tweaked the LAME settings a bit though):


# Converts all AAC (m4a) files in a folder into mp3s, plus the id3 tag
# Requires faad, lame, id3v2

for a in *
  # Check the file is a flac file
  if [[ "$a" =~ (m4a)$ ]]
    # Name of outfile
    OUTF=`echo "$a" | sed s/\.m4a/.mp3/g`
    echo "$a => $OUTF"

    # Capture all the FLAC metadata
    ARTIST=`faad -i "$a" 2>&1 | grep "^artist" | sed "s/.*: //g"`
    TITLE=`faad -i "$a" 2>&1 | grep "^title" | sed "s/.*: //g"`
    ALBUM=`faad -i "$a" 2>&1 | grep "^album" | sed "s/.*: //g"`
    GENRE=`faad -i "$a" 2>&1 | grep "^genre" | sed "s/.*: //g"`
    TRACKNUMBER=`faad -i "$a" 2>&1 | grep "^track" | sed "s/.*: //g"`
    YEAR=`faad -i "$a" 2>&1 | grep "^date" | sed "s/.*: //g"`


    # Convert the audio data from AAC to MP3
    faad -w "$a" | lame -V 2 -m j -b 192 -B 224 -s 44.1 - "$OUTF"

    # Tag the resulting MP3 with the captured metadata
    id3v2 -t "$TITLE" -T "$TRACKNUMBER" -a "$ARTIST" -A "$ALBUM" -g "$GENRE" -y "$YEAR" "$OUTF"

Converting FLAC to MP3 in Linux

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

A quick howto…

If you’re using a desktop debian distro, just use SoundConverter:

sudo apt-get install soundconverter

If you’re shelling into a server (or you just prefer CLI), you’ll need a script and a few audio tools. Here’s the bash script (based on this one):


# Converts all flac files in a folder into mp3s, plus the id3 tag
# Requires flac, metaflac, lame, id3v2

for a in *
  # Check the file is a flac file
  if [[ "$a" =~ flac$ ]]
    # Name of outfile
    OUTF=`echo "$a" | sed s/\.flac/.mp3/g`
    echo "$a => $OUTF"

    # Capture all the FLAC metadata
    ARTIST=`metaflac "$a" --show-tag=ARTIST | sed s/.*=//g`
    TITLE=`metaflac "$a" --show-tag=TITLE | sed s/.*=//g`
    ALBUM=`metaflac "$a" --show-tag=ALBUM | sed s/.*=//g`
    GENRE=`metaflac "$a" --show-tag=GENRE | sed s/.*=//g`
    TRACKNUMBER=`metaflac "$a" --show-tag=TRACKNUMBER | sed s/.*=//g`

    # Convert the audio data from FLAC to MP3
    flac -c -d "$a" | lame -m j -b 256 -s 44.1 - "$OUTF"

    # Tag the resulting MP3 with the captured metadata
    id3v2 -t "$TITLE" -T "$TRACKNUMBER" -a "$ARTIST" -A "$ALBUM" -g "$GENRE" "$OUTF"

Save that off in your path, make it executable:

chmod u+wrx flac2mp3

and run it from an location with mp3s in. It’ll convert all FLAC files to identically named MP3 files with the id3v2 information based on the FLAC metadata.

You’ll need flac, metaflac, id3v2 and lame:

sudo apt-get install flac id3v2 lame

Happy converting 🙂

“One line” iPlayer download script

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Thought I’d see if I could get a download script in just one line of console utilities. I could (although it’s actually 8 separate commands split over 12 lines, it’s still executed as one single bash statement). A pretty concise bit of code it is, too:

curl -b cookies.txt -A "Apple iPhone v1.1.3 CoreMedia v1.0.0.4A93" -H "Range: bytes=0-" -o \
  $( \
    curl -i -c cookies.txt -A "Apple iPhone v1.1.3 CoreMedia v1.0.0.4A93" -H "Range: bytes=0-1" \
      $( \
        curl -i -A "iPhone, LOL" -c cookies.txt $1 \
        | grep "pid       :" \
        | cut -d\' -f2 \
        | sed "s/\([0-9a-z]\)/http:\/\/\/mediaselector\/3\/auth\/iplayer_streaming_http_mp4\/\1/" \
      ) \
    | grep Location \
    | cut -d: -f2,3 \

iPlayer hacks and Car PC

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

I’ve been doing two fun things this week. The first was playing around with the iPlayer again. Last Friday (7th March) the Beeb made the rather confusing move of releasing an iPhone-optimised version of the iPlayer. Now, the iPhone doesn’t support Flash, so it was all H264 over HTTP. You could get to this resource on a predictable URL just by changing your user agent to that of an iPhone. No DRM, no proprietary streaming format, and for a platform which is minority in the extreme, making a mockery of the “big platforms first” defence that the BBC used for rolling out Windows-only versions of iPlayer.

Anyway, a few days after this was all revealed, they “patched” the service, which actually meant they just checked on the “Range” HTTP header as well as the “User-Agent” one. Pretty weak. By the end of that same day, I’d updated my download script, and so had Paul Battley, followed by johnsto who has written an XBMC version of the exploit.

What will Auntie do next? Let the games commence…

I’ve also put a PC into my car this week, written up on the project page.

Generating the RTMP media stream URL for the BBC iPlayer

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Over a year since the last update, yeah I know. I’ve been busy with other stuff 😛

I thought I’d better link this up though. At the end of December 2007 the BBC launched the web-based Flash version of it’s iPlayer server (which allows you to watch TV from within the last week). This was prompted somewhat by the backlash against the Windows XP only version of their iPlayer software which pissed off a lot of Mac, Linux (and even Vista) users. The new service works on any browser with a recent version of the Flash player installed, thus requiring no other specialist software.

This is great because it also means that the shows (that I’ve already paid for with my license fee) are no longer restricted to Windows DRM and it’ll work on my Ubuntu laptop.

Predictably, a thread had already started on the XBox Media Center forums prior to this requesting a script to make iPlayer content play on XBMC although with DRM and closed source software this was unlikely to happen.

After the web player was launched, the thread exploded into activity and it was clear that a few people in the community (notably Phil Wilson) and myself were trying to work out a way of side-stepping the iPlayer flash client to get to the juicy video goodness behind it.

Skip forward a week or so and after I’d trawled through a decompiled version of the flash player, I’ve come up with a script which does just that:


Give this CLI script a programme ID (PID) or the URL of a BBC programmes page or iPlayer page and it will output the media stream. The community is now waiting for some enterprising chap to get RTMP support into mPlayer or curl.

The discussion is currently continuing with lots of frightfully intelligent people on the BBC Backstage mailing list.