Bus times now phone-friendly, new RSS feed

February 11th, 2006 by Strawp

Having recently gotten a quite spangly new phone and £12 free GPRS internet credit from Orange I was keen to test out my site on it. I tried out the bus times section and the quantity of memory required to load a timetable into my tiny phone made it go a bit mental. Also, it cost me about a quid fifty to download the thing over my expensive GPRS connection.

Solution: I’ve added shortcuts to just view arrival times at specific stops to the routes listings page through which you can quickly see when your next bus is at a specific stop. The hidden “skip to content” and “skip to navigation” links weren’t quite visible on phone either, so I’ve fixed them too.

Having now created some software which people actually come back for updates on, I’ve finally gotten around to adding an RSS feed to this page which you can subscribe to using the usual methods, or by copying this URL into your news reader. Should save some legwork for people.

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