Azureus PHP UI gets noticed

September 3rd, 2005 by Strawp

The Azureus PHP UI got added to the Azureus plugin list as an unofficial external plugin the other week, which was nice. I’ve not directly heard of anyone else using it even though it’s now been downloaded quite a few times, but I have had one or two referrals through from URLs which due to how they’re named are obviously set up to host this interface, so I guess other people are having success with it.

I really want to be adding some other features to this thing as it’s no where near where I want it to be at the moment. For a start you can’t actually add torrents through the interface itself, you can only start, stop and remove them. I’d be getting along a lot quicker with this if if wasn’t for my server at home.

*A rant follows*:
Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. They’re supposed to be best mates, right? It’s known as the LAMP setup. Ubuntu: It’s supposed to be the most user-friendly Linux distro out there. Is it, bollocks. It’s probably great if you want to install it and change *nothing*, and it’s probably great if you want to install it and you already know your way around Linux and can change *everything*, but what about people in the middle like me? I want to install it, change a *couple of things* and then leave it the fuck alone. Where are my GUI configuration applets? I don’t want to give a shit what’s in /etc/ or what the purpose of init.d is, I just want to install a server which no sooner has it gotten an IP address on my LAN is able to serve PHP scripts, and *PHP5* scripts too. How on earth did it get more convenient for me to set up PHP5 on Windows XP than on a Linux machine? I’m currently trying to follow what looks to me like a series of hacks to trick my Ubuntu installation into getting PHP5 running, and guess what? It doesn’t work! Gah! Rubbish! Who the hell is Ubuntu aimed at anyway, because it’s certainly not “Humans” as it says on the cardboard sleeve the CD came in.

Azureus PHP development will resume once I get Apache parsing PHP5 scripts, or when I reinstall Windows XP on it – whichever comes sooner.

PS: You all need to go and see Serenity when that comes out on general release, because it’s bloody awesome (saw the Brum advance screening).

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