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Recipe for a decent bash shell in Android

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
  1. Root your phone if you haven’t already and install the latest stable CyanogenMod, which includes bash. If this step sounds scary, stop reading now 🙂
  2. Install ConnectBot:
    Connectbot Market QR code
  3. ConnectBot is a fantastic SSH client, but it also has a local terminal emulator. Open it up and select “local” from the drop down list and give it any nickname.
  4. Open it up to see the local shell works. It will, it’s not bash though and it won’t have tab completion. Hit the menu button and disconnect.
  5. Long-press the connection and select Edit host.
  6. Find the “Post-login automation” option.
  7. enter:
    export PS1="\w\$ "
    cd /

    This step automatically switches you into root mode (you will be prompted by the superuser manager the first time you do this), starts bash, sets your prompt to the working directory and then changes directory to root.

  8. Hit “OK” and then the back button to return to the connections screen. Select the connection to test if it’s all working.
  9. For quick access, you can add a shortcut to the home screen. Long press on the home screen, select “Shortcuts”, “ConnectBot” then the name of your connection.

Tada! A one-click root terminal in bash with tab-completion (courtesy of ConnectBot’s keyboard shortcuts). Much better than the Terminal app every other blog tells you to install 😉