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OAuth PHP Twitter Class

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

After posting my temporary twitter unfollow script the other week I was reminded that Twitter is supposed to be dumping basic auth (sending user name and password in each request to Twitter) this month in favour of the more secure, widely adopted Open Authentication. It turned out Twitter has postponed what they have dubbed the “oauthcalypse” due to the world cup but if you haven’t already, now is the time to get rid of your neat little one-line curl scripts using basic auth (a shame I know but it’s for the best) and find an OAuth alternative in the language of your choice.

I have created a simple TwitterClient class (available under SVN) based on my previous set of basic auth and curl-using functions from a couple of years back. I have left it with my app key in their on purpose, so tweets from it will appear to come from “Strawp’s PHP lib”. Register your own app if you want and use those instead, of course. On the first use of a method you will be prompted to authenticate the class against your twitter login. The secret keys will then be stored in your home folder.

Example usage:

include( "twitter.class.php" );
$tw = new TwitterClient();
$tw->tweet( "I am using oAuth now!" );

The unfollow script has also been updated to use this class.