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Temporary Twitter unfollow script

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Update: This now uses the oAuth Twitter class, not the basic auth function library.

Do you ever get people you follow on Twitter who, for some reason have suddenly become really spammy? Normally they’re great, but maybe one evening they’ve come back drunk and are vomiting tweets all over their feed, or maybe they’re live-tweeting some inane reality TV show for the opening night or are taking part in an incredibly uninteresting meme hashtag.

Whatever the reason, you don’t want to ditch them entirely, just until they’ve stopped blabbing on about stuff you don’t care about.

So I made a command line script to get around this. If you want to temporarily unfollow someone, write:

unfollow mrspammy for 1 week

or for several users:

unfollow mrspammy,mrsspammy,mrspammystennispartner for 4 days

Due to the genius of of PHP’s strtodate(), the words after “for” can be pretty much any time period phrase that works with the “+” modifier from the current date. You can also specify exact dates:

unfollow mrspammy until next tuesday


unfollow mrspammy until 12 july

This then looks at users that were previously unfollowed, checks if you want to re-follow them by now and does so if required. Run it without specifying any unfollows to just get this behaviour. This means you can also put unfollow in cron (or whatever) to run periodically and it will automatically check if users need re-following by now.

This is written for Ubuntu. Any Linux will be OK, Mac too probably if you have the paths set up properly. You might even get it working under Windows.

To get it working, you need

  1. My Twitter library under svn
  2. The unfollow script
  3. PHP installed with libcurl

Put the PHP files in the same folder. You then need to:

  1. Edit $confpath in unfollow
  2. Create twitter.conf.php, containing two define() statements with TWITTER_EMAIL and TWITTER_PASSWORD in. These should contain your username and password.
  3. chmod u+x unfollow
  4. optional: Add unfollow to crontab to run at whatever interval you want
  5. optional: make this folder part of path, symlink to unfollow or in some way make unfollow callable without defining the entire path

And you’re good to go. Easy 😉

Let me know if you end up using this or my twitter library at all.