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If it’s and lite, it’s delite

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Regular visitors may have noticed I’m a bit of a nut. I use it for everything. The problem I’m getting now, after about 18 months of use is that I’ve got so many tags in my tag cloud that it actually takes quite a bit of CPU and RAM to render one of my pages.

Step up – a quick one-pager that I just threw together. Basically, stick the path you’d want from on the end of that address and get a stripped-down “lite” version of that page that isn’t going to crash your PDA, phone or Wii, e.g.

It’s not going to be lightening quick because it still has to request the original page from but it should make accessing your bookmarks on a small device less of a headache.

Apologies for the hopeless uptime of this site – my host appears to have fired everyone that knew what they were doing and replaced them with a pack of drooling gibbons.