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Azureus PHP UI: Fixes, plus multiple server management

Friday, December 9th, 2005

Just made a few fixes to the Azureus PHP User Interface. I’ve fixed the javascript error with getting two events bubble through when you click the label, I’ve put all the settings in settings.php where they should be and I’ve added an experimental feature designed to enable you to manage more than one instance of Azureus. Just open up includes/settings.php and add entries to the array in there. Let me know if that works because I’ve not been able to test it yet!.

I’ve tweaked the GYBO tracker slightly as well. Tracks are now displayed and ordered as their file names (which helps mash albums greatly), the RSS feed is now almost(!) standards compliant. The enclosure attribute is missing (hastle to get this data from remote files) but I now reckon the vast majority of RSS readers and podcast aggregators will now parse it without trouble.

Also on the GYBO tracker, you can click the DJ name and get a listing of all tracks they have created. May I recommend:

dj BC
Alex H
Irn Mnky
DJ Zebra

as starting points!

Speaking of mashes, in protest of the Cease and Desist order given to the DJ collective known as “Dean Gray” over their excellent /Green Day/ mashup, American Edit, countless sites will be participating in a protest this Tuesday, dubbed Gray Tuesday. If you didn’t grab a copy of the mash in the 10 days it was available, Tuesday is the day to get it.

Get Your Podcast On!

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

I love mashups of music tracks (hey, /and/ web services) and just recently I’ve discovered where all the artists who made these works of musical and (more often than not) comedy genius hang out. The forum is called Get Your Bootleg On (GYBO) and has an extremely active folder for posting new mixes.

I thought it would be cool if I made an RSS feed of straight MP3 links ( aka “podcast”) posted there. Twice a day a script of mine peeks at their Boots folder, scans new threads and picks out MP3 links in the first post, the results of which are displayed on my GYBO page, complete with RSS feed.

If nothing else, /I’m/ going to be using it daily!