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Azureus PHP UI

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

After effectively writing it in an afternoon when I was off sick with a fucked knee and then leaving it half done for a month or so when I returned to work, I thought I’d better just stick the Azureus PHP control UI online and be done with it.

So there it is. It’s just 3 PHP scripts at the moment:

– A control class for interacting with the XML over HTTP plugin in Azureus
– A display page
– An action page

That way you can rip out the control class and use it in something else if you want.

The site’s been lean on updates at the moment, which is almost entirely due to the fact that Battlefield 2 came out. Even San Andreas has been put on the back burner now.

So with this, the third DICE game I’ve been a bit obsessed with (first being Codename Eagle) I thought I’d do things properly and get myself a clan. The clan in question are all guys based off rllmuk forum, and so far – aside from the inter-forum battles we’ve had against NTSC-uk – we have been mercilessly rinsed by all our opponents.

We will get better though, we *have* to! – the clan site.

P.S. I was largely instrumental in getting Phil Jupitus to say “sucky sucky – 2 dolla” on Friday night. A delight!