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Podcasting my Crime Spree

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

I’ve just uploaded new versions of my GTA Playlist Creator for San Andreas and Automated Serendipity.

I have packaged up the playlist creator so that it should run independently of PHP and I have added the ability to create playlists of todays podcasts in Serendipity.

Now, these two tools sit together rather nicely. Since I have my podcasts download once a day, I always have fresh music waiting for me, with a playlist pointing to it all. If I then use this playlist file with the San Andreas playlist creator I can import my podcasts for the day into San Andreas with a click, turning my “User Tracks” radio station into my podcast station.

It works rather well! 🙂

User Tracks in San Andreas

Saturday, June 11th, 2005

San Andreas came out for PC yesterday ( delivered mine a day early, I love you My GTA playlist creator for GTAIII and Vice City won’t work with it because the user tracks aren’t in a folder called “mp3” in the game files folder – they’re in a folder in My Documents.

Short of opening up the playlist creator project and making some changes to make it work, which would cut in on gameplay time, I put together a very quick and dirty PHP script which can take an M3U playlist and create shortcuts in the User Tracks folder.

I will probably package it into a stand alone executable using Priado Blender at some point so the wider GTA community can use it, but probably not before I’ve maxed out my Bike skills and Max Health stats 😀