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Mr Accessible presents… The West Midlands Bus Timetable

Thursday, March 24th, 2005

The Odeon Listings page was a good laugh to write (and the attention it got) but above all it meant I could actually browse which films were at my local cinema in my web browser of choice.

In a similar vein I have built’s West Midlands Bus Timetable. I rarely use the bus around here, but when I do I hate having to waste 5 minutes trying to find the exact same timetable so that I know when the next bus is. This is because the Travel Coventry site uses this hideous system of pop-ups, frames and unbookmarkable pages (because they’re being POST’d to).

My solution is to cut out a lot of the extraneous form crap – the buttons you don’t need and the options that nobody cares about – and boiling it down to a series of simple HTML forms, simmering with a hint of cunning CSS. What results is a simple workflow between entering a route number up to either viewing the full timetable or even telling you exactly how long you’ve got to get to a specific stop before the next bus comes along.

Most importantly of all, each step is bookmarkable and features MFUs (Mum-friendly URLs) so that they’re consise enough to email or even read out over the phone.

I’m not *quite* dead

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Amazing, I haven’t actually updated the front page in nearly 4 months. It’s not like I feel I’m neglecting scores of web users a valuable service or anything but it’s good manners to brush off the old cobwebs once in a while, don’t you think?

Anyway, I will take this opportunity to acknowledge the scores of errors that are no doubt plaguing the site. has just moved hosts and to be honest I’m amazed it went as smoothly as it did.

If you’re looking for a host and have a long list of requirements that you need in order to quench your thirst for control over a remote server, check out Online Data Solutions. They rock. To get costumer service like that it’s a shame you have to go across the pond to a nation that understands what it means. Cheers guys!