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Amuse Bouche

Friday, September 19th, 2003

Aside from words that in some way directly relate to stuff on this site, the most hits I get from search engines is for Food that starts with ‘Q’, and I can’t help feeling a little twang of guilt that there are literally handfuls of people visiting my site and going away with an unfulfilled desire to learn about foods that begin with the letter Q.


  • Quince
  • Quorn
  • Quiche
  • Quail
  • Uh… quail’s eggs
  • Quills of Cinnamon… ummm…
  • Look, a monkey!


Wednesday, September 10th, 2003

Now, I usually take great pride in the fact that everything on this site is 100% created by me (except those haikus – I don’t know who wrote them). However, when I saw overLib, the DHTML mouseover/tooltip library, I had to have it.

I could, I suppose have spent a few hours making what would have been exactly the same thing, but overLib, is open source, so what would have been the point?

Anyway, you can see it in action when you mouse over thumbnails in the images archive. And don’t it look sexy?

Stealth Disco

Tuesday, September 9th, 2003

Best site I’ve seen all week…


Friday, September 5th, 2003

After watching Face/Off last night two things suprised me: 1) It’s way better than I remembered and 2) I never realised what a great drinking game it makes.

Allow me to demonstrate:


Spot this… Drink this…
Bullet in slow-motion 1 finger
Slow motion plus sound effects used for things that really don’t need sound effects, like a coat flapping in the wind, or someone blinking 2 fingers
Religious iconography desicrated (keep an eye out for it – it’s there) Finish drink
Presence of doves 2 fingers
Hero and villain stand back-to-back, seperated by a thin partition of some kind 3 fingers
Anyone holds a gun in each hand 3 fingers, plus one for each person he kills whilst holding both guns
Lost innocence, e.g. a child is shot or witnesses a shooting 2 fingers

Face/Off Specific

Shaun Archer (Travolta) strokes someone elses face with his finger tips 2 fingers
You see Nick Cage with no face on 2 fingers
Forget to leave the room 5 minutes before the end and end up watching the crap bit Drink every damned thing you can find

Quotable lines

“I’m going to take his face… off 3 fingers
“I’m Castor Troy… I’m Castor Troy” 2 fingers
“No more drugs, for that man” 1 finger
“If I didn’t love you so much I’d have to kill you” 1 finger
“Peach… I could eat a peach for hours” 2 fingers
“does anybody have a light? DOES ANYBODY HAVE A LIGHT?!” 3 fingers
Quote any other line 10 seconds or more before it’s read 1 finger

#1 For Sugar Free Chupa Chups

Thursday, September 4th, 2003

My quest for sugar free Chupa Chups has been hampered slightly by the fact that I’m now #1 in the google search rankings for the phrase “sugar free chupa chups”.

How incredibly Heisenbergian :/

Handy Jotter Type Thingy

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003

I’ve just been playing with the source code for Nullsoft’s Sex and put together my own build called StrawpEX. I’ve added bits, and it’s good. Hit the link for details.

I recently won Red Faction 2 in a raffle at i17. Despite being gutted that I hadn’t bagged one of the Sidewinder Force Feedback steering wheels, joysticks or graphics cards on display, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and installed it anyway. It’s actually been quite fun so far, although the bugs and downright poor design would leave me in a particularly bad mood if I’d paid anything for it.